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Reports Perfected


These are the typical inspection items that the average visual inspectors report contains.


We go above and beyond the standards by including our premium services. These services require extra training, specialized tools, and a detail oriented mindset. We take our time discovering every aspect possible regarding your potential property.

Inspections from every angle: Land, Sea, and Air. Every Angle is continuously staying at the forefront of technology to offer exceptional service.

Use of professional foundation diagnostic tools to give you a visual, graphical representation of the levels within tenths of an inch.

We don’t just guess when it comes to water balance. As certified pool inspectors, we use digital equipment for chemical testing.

Every Angle Inspectors employs every means necessary for exact measurements to aid us in diagnosing your property.

Utilization of Infrared technologies to find moisture penetrations, electrical problems, and/or possible air leaks or insulation deficiencies.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is something that we take very seriously at Every Angle, so we use combustible gas leak detectors at the areas where leaks are most probable.

Child safety is one of our top priorities from pools to stairway dimensions. We won’t hesitate to pull out the tape measure.

Part of our professionalism is completing our tasks without leaving a trace behind. We clean up after ourselves.


"With everything in life and especially regarding home inspections, you get what you pay for. Feel free to get quotes from others and see that we are more expensive than the average inspector, but we are NOT the average inspector. If you are looking for someone who is truly going to take their time and find what's wrong on one of the largest purchases in your life then choose Every Angle Inspectors."

Chris Cordier

Owner - Every Angle Inspectors


0-3,000 sq. ft. = $600 (Specific Discounts Available)
Additional 1,000 sq. ft. + $50
Complete Pool Inspection = $125 ($175 Value)

Irrigation System Inspection = $75 ($125 Value)

Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection

with formal report for VA loans = $90

Phase/New Construction Inspection = Call For Quote

Pre Home Warranty Expiration = $500

Sellers Inspections = $425

Foundation Checkup Only = $125

Roof System Inspection Only = $125

We are able to Open Key Boxes on Homes for Sale

Call or text us to set your appointment!

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